Monday, November 7, 2011

Sikh Parade, November 5, 2011

Follow the link for pictures of this past Saturday's parade.

North of Garrett Recycling Reminder

Mayor Micozzie wants to remind residents that the 2012 recycling schedule will be changed to resolve the missed recycling collections during holiday weeks for Area 1 and Area 2 north of Garrett Road. Follow the link for a brief explanation to the revamped schedule.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why I Love My School

Parents and students crowded tonight's council meeting, all full of smiles and pride. Tonight, awards were given to students who wrote essays and created beautiful posters to show what they loved about their school.

Students from across the district, both public and parochial, were represented from grades one to twelve. With the exception of two students who were ill, all awards were received to a round of applause and congratulations from Mayor Tom Micozzie.

Mayor Micozzie said it best when he remarked that because of the diversity in the township, he has "traveled to every country in the world without leaving Upper Darby."

It was delightful to see the variety of students who participated in the competition and the support of their parents!

Below are pictures of the art from the students.