Monday, July 22, 2013

Non-Profit SAT Prep Course

A non-profit SAT-preparation class, summer pilot program is accepting new students up to Saturday, August 27. 

The program is open to all high school students at any kind of school or home school  There is a $10 registration fee which is refunded at the end of the course if the student sticks with it and does their homework. There is also an excellent book (with lots of good information and practice tests) to buy which costs ~$15-20 - if anyone has trouble paying for that, arrangements can be made for purchasing the book.

Classes will meet Saturday morning, 9:30-11:00. A parent is encouraged to come the first time.

Ken Eng, the leader of the program, has led similar programs elsewhere in the area with great success. Of course, the students must apply themselves. Students will learn math and English skills, test-taking skills, and study skills.

The classes will meet at Five Points Coffee, the new cafe located at 47 Long Lane in Upper Darby, near the municipal building.Visit their Facebook page for additional information: