Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Imaginative picture book helps a precious little girl realize home 
is the very best place of all.
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Many small children dream about living in castles or other exotic locales, especially when their own homes are small and simple. Sometimes, a gentle dose of reality is all it takes for them to regain perspective and cherish their own homes and families.
This is the case for the young girl in the newly published children’s picture book "Lillou’s Adventure – Little Trip Away" by author and illustrator Adriana Bowden.
This debut book introduces Lillou, a sweet young girl who has a very busy mother and father and a noisy little brother. They live in a small and charming house, but Lillou isn’t happy. This isn’t what she wants. Her home is too small, it’s too noisy, and she hates eating her vegetables!
Instead, Lillou dreams of living in the big house next door. Grand and spacious, it reminds her of a castle. One day, when she realizes her mom is preparing vegetables for dinner yet again, Lillou sneaks out to visit the home she has always dreamed of.
There, she meets a sweet old lady who listens to her dreams and invites her to stay upstairs in the vast and comfortable tower. It’s a dream come true, or is it?
Lillou soon discovers that as lovely as this castle appears, it isn’t very warm inside. It’s also a bit untidy, because the old lady has been ill and unable to clean it. Lillou consoles herself with the thought that at least she doesn’t have to eat any dinner, because the lady hasn’t cooked any.
Even Lillou’s new bedroom isn’t what she expected. It may be huge, but it’s also terribly quiet. Before long, Lillou realizes this isn’t what she wants after all. A bit embarrassed, she runs down the steps to find the old lady. Lillou apologizes, thanks the lady, and invites her to come to dinner, which she suddenly can’t wait to eat!
In her own cozy home once again, Lillou is so filled with gratitude that even the noise she once disliked sounds like music to her ears.
Bowden comments, "This book grew out of the stories my husband and I started making up to tell our children at bedtime. It has wonderfully colorful illustrations and a simple but interesting story that will peak your little one's imagination and bring the characters to life."
"I loved the pictures in the book, and the story was just wonderful for my three-year-old daughter. The pictures in the book are so nice that I would like to have them on the wall in my apartmentThis book is really great to give as a gift." ~ Review by Bree L.
Author: Adriana Bowden is the mother of two children under the age of five who give her inspiration to create wonderful books for others to enjoy and the stepmother of two older children in high school and middle school. She works on her books in her spare time and never seems to run out of creativity, even when she is tired. She draws all of her characters by hand on a large surface and then puts them into the computer by taking a photo. It is a lot of work, but the result is a wonderful canvas of colors and imagination. She is a native of Brazil and is self-taught in the skills of drawing and illustrations.

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Lillou’s Adventure: Little Trip Away - written and illustrated by Adriana Bowden; Category: Children’s Picture Book; Hard Cover, 978-0989784610, $14.99; eBook: 978-0989784603, $2.99; Availability:,,